Release Date: 2024/3/27

Status: Released

# What’s New

# Detect Developer option enabled
  • User can apply the new option block_developer_options (yes:no) in the AppSealing console or CLI tool.
  • After this feature in enabled and AppSealing has successfully detected then application will be terminated after displaying a warning message.
# Wi-Fi Security Type Collection Feature
  • User can apply the new option wifi_security_protocol (disable:collect) from the AppSealing console or CLI tool.
  • When this feature is enabled:
  • ACCESS_WIFI_NETWORK permission is added to the app.
  • Data can be collected starting with Android 12 (TargetSDK 31).
  • AppSealing collects connected Wi-Fi information but does not shut down the app.

# Improvement

# Rooting detection improvements
  • Improved Magisk alpha and delta detection up to version 26.4.
  • Improved KernelSU detection up to version 0.69.
# Improved Frida detection
  • When AppSealing detects Frida execution or similar attacks, AppSealing quickly exit the app without displaying a warning.

# Fixes

  • Crash occurred when downloading dynamic feature modules from some app bundles.
  • Crash occurred immediately after launching a sealed app in test mode.
  • Crash when launching apps in LD Player 9.
  • This release includes all the fixes for custom versions that were provided to some customers between and Customers using custom versions can use

# Support version of OS

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