# Introduction

AppSealing is the only cloud-based pay-as-you-go solution to protect mobile apps without writing a single line of code. Our solution is easy to use and allows you to protect mobile apps from hackers and illegal application modification, thus making it secure in run-time with RASP Security Features.

# Android AppSealing

Android AppSealing provides a wide range of security measures. Among them, we have patented a technology that allows us to protect your apps's memory and code from being hacked and stolen.

Applying AppSealing mobile app security takes only 3 steps

  1. Configure sealing options at ADC or CLI tool
  2. Upload app and apply AppSealing
  3. Download and sign app via apksigner

The sealing will add the security module to your app. Then, the security module in the sealed app will launch along with the game to protect it.

# IOS AppSealing

iOS app developers face several restrictions from App Stores, and hence, iOS Application Security always becomes a task. With AppSealing’s SDK based solution apply robust application protection to your iOS Apps. You can use AppSealing’s SDK without any impact on the build pipeline.

# On-Premises Solutions

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